A tried and true formula for buying rental property


I just posted my latest post on Money under 30.com.   In today’s post I discuss the tale of one investor who learned a few hard lessons about buying the wrong property.  The good news is that you can learn what to avoid when buying a rental so your downside is protected. Take a look and…
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A Great Little Tip on Networking – Be the Host!


After an hour-long car ride, we had finally made it to little Anna’s first birthday party – a party that promised to be a fun-filled 4-5 hours of socializing with strangers I had only met once before.  If you’re like me, the idea of being forced into socializing with strangers for any extended period of…
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Some thoughts on Assets and Liabilities…


Click here to Listen to this interview or download it to your computer! Today’s post marks the start of a new series on the fundamentals of personal finance.  This series was inspired by the numerous emails I’m grateful to have received asking me rudimentary questions regarding personal finance. Throughout this series, I aim to provide…
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Rent or Buy?


While at a coffee shop a few weeks ago, a few of my friends were trying to tackle this very question – should they continue to rent or should they buy? I would argue that we are living in the best time to purchase Real Estate.  Interest rates are at historic lows, home values have…
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Getting Educated in Real Estate – a few helpful books…


First off, I just want to say thank you to the many emails I’ve been receiving from the steady viewership here at thebusinessofu.com. I am flattered and excited that you have taken the time to reach out to me. With that said, I’ve noticed that every time I write a post on the topic of…
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What we did with 40K


Hey Everyone, As you many of you might know, I frequently post content on other blogs from time to time and one of the websites I really enjoy is Moneyunder30.com. I’ve known David (founder) for a few months now and I really enjoy the content and the honest/straight forward financial advice he provides. So make…
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BOU reviews the Four Hour Work Week


Click here to Listen to this interview or download it to your computer! Mike Alaniz is an insurance broker and the owner of “On the Rocks,” a catering & bartending service in the Los Angeles area.  Mike joins me in today’s audio post as we discuss a book that has received a lot of attention,…
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S&P downgrades its outlook on US Debt – so what?


I am probably not the first source you are hearing this from, but in case you hadn’t heard – this past Monday, S&P released a statement proclaiming that it downgraded its outlook on US debt from “stable” to “negative.”  Since the news hit mainstream media, I’ve received a few emails trying to make sense of…
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So you want to invest in Real Estate?

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Michael Douglas

Here’s a tale of how one average guy got started … After I graduated from college, I set out to discover a way to get ahead financially in my 20s.  I bought TONS of books on the topic of investing and personal finance.  After numerous hours of diligent reading, it seemed that all of the…
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BOU talks with Goldsilver.com about investing in the precious metals


Michael Maloney wrote the Rich Dad book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.  He is a personal advisor to the Rich Dad himself, Robert Kiyosaki, and is the founder of Goldsilver.com. In this post, I talk with precious metals expert, Leigh Greenberg, from Goldsilver.com. Click here to Listen to this interview or download it…
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